Press Release: Volcano eruption in Grimsvotn caldera

Iceland Spring is happy to report that the eruption has come to an end and that the production of ashes were at its peak for less than 36 hours, when the lower altitudes wind were carrying the main bulks of the ashes out over the south east Atlantic ocean.
As for the higher altitude winds (jet streams) which are for that matter taking the ashes blown up to heights over 20 km( 40 to 60.000 feet); the main bulks of that ashes seem to have been taken in a circle clockwise north and east over the north Atlantic reaching the mainland of the Asia /European continent in north east Russia near Nova Zemlia.

Only very little (insignificant amount) ashes have been detected in the Reykjavik area, even less than seen by the last year´s volcanic activities in Fimmvorduhals and Eyjafjallajokull. (The glacier with the impossible name)

Please also bear in mind that the main bulks of our production water, is of an old origin. In other words, it will take years or even decades before any traces of contamination can be detected from the current activities.

So we are lucky, being able to state that there are no worries concerning any types of contaminations entering our water.